What is Machinima you ask?
Machinima is the premier online YouTube network for gamers, creators, and fans. Boasting over 151M viewers each month with over 12M subscribers.

While at Machinima I worked to help integrate brands with our core audience by developing comprehensive marketing campaigns ranging from custom video production to red carpet interviews. 

Frankenweenie Remix

To help promote Tim Burtons new film Frankenweenie we teamed up with super Youtuber Melody Sheep to create this entrancing remix using original and unseen clips from the feature film.

The Expendables 2

To tease the launch of the upcoming film The Expendables 2 we knew that it was no secret that anyone whose going to see an Expendables film is looking for one thing...EXPLOSIONS. We worked with Lionsgate and Terry Crews to create a supercut of the most explosionable, explosions, explosionably possible.