The term "somatic" comes from the Greek word soma, meaning the living body in its wholeness—muscles, tissue, emotions, thoughts, breath, movement, sensations, language. When you have sex, you bring with you the whole package of who you are: your sexual history, your beliefs about sex and gender, your accumulated sexual wisdom, your erotic imagination and yearnings, and your physical structure, including armoring that may impede your ability to feel genital sensation by restricting the flow of energy through your pelvis and legs.

studioMy work addresses all of these aspects from the viewpoint of the client's deepest concerns. What do you want? What's missing now? Where are you "stuck"? What new competencies do you need to develop to reach your goals? I combine sex education with somatic bodywork (fully clothed). We use breathwork, self-observation, and simple movement exercises to guide you toward the new skills, practices, and perspectives that would have you say that you are thoroughly delighted with your sex life.